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Melon, Sweet Onion, Pepper, and Lime Grillside Chutney
This chutney explodes with the flavors of late summer. Let it sidle up to grilled meats and vegetables, as well as atop burgers and sandwiches.
  1. Fork-whisk all of the ingredients in a bowl and let the flavors meld while you prepare other foods. Serve cool but not chilled.
Recipe Notes

Cook’s Tips and Tricks: Mess around with your choices of melons (cantaloupe and Persian), peppers (hot Hungarian wax and ancho), and citrus (orange and lemon). We have even tried juicy stone fruits such as peaches and nectarines. The proportions and balance are up to your tastes. This is not the chutney you want to can in a hot water bath, but you could certainly share the fresh product.

—Picked at the Peak, by Deborah DeBord, Ph.D.

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