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Staying Calm and Eating Well in Times of Coronavirus

These are surreal times, to say the least. On a recent trip to Portland, Oregon, my family and I went from dining out in restaurants on Saturday to relying on Caviar deliveries to our hotel room on Monday. No doubt your food options may be changing very quickly too as restaurants close their doors to […]

Getting to Know Your Food as a Gardener and Forager

Depending on where you live, winter snows may still be piled high, or perhaps it is unseasonably warm outside. Regardless, spring feels like it could be just around the corner, psychologically at least. And perhaps you’ve been plying seed catalogs and ordering packets and transplants. If you’re a farmer, that means one thing—a season of […]

Making Vegetables Attractive to Children

Do you have young, fussy eaters (or older adult ones) in the house who won’t eat their vegetables? Won’t even look at them? Do they make faces at the mere mention of broccoli, asparagus, or spinach? Most of us have childhood memories of certain foods that our parents made us eat, or traumatizing moments when […]

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