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Seasonality: A True Definition

This guest post is by Jack Hedin, farmer and owner of Featherstone Farm, one of the largest CSA farms in southeastern Minnesota. The farm produces around 70 varieties of fresh market fruits and vegetables for distribution to natural food stores, wholesalers, and CSA members throughout the region and offers shares year-round to subscribers across the Twin Cities […]

Pears: A Sumptuous Fall Treat

In this age of hyper-hybridized produce for large-scale cultivation and shipping, the pear is a rare fruit that has been mercifully left alone; the varieties you see in markets today are pretty much unchanged from over a century ago. About 3,000 varieties exist worldwide. Pears require quite specific conditions to thrive and are very vulnerable […]

The Great Pumpkin

In the United States, millions of pumpkins are carved every autumn into fanciful jack-o’-lanterns, their flesh baked to make pumpkin pie, and their seeds roasted as a seasonal snack. Post-Halloweeners that didn’t sell get sent to feed livestock. In Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, and parts of Asia, however, pumpkins are used more widely in […]

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