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Food Justice, Equity & Supply: Responding to a Pandemic—and How You Can Help

This is the fourth of a special four-part series about how COVID-19 is transforming local food systems—farmers markets, local farms, community and backyard gardens, and food equity. ____________________ As we head into six-plus months of stay-at-home orders, many of us have adjusted to new routines, all the while worrying or wondering about the next changes […]

What the Pandemic Means for Farmers and CSAs

This is the second of a special three-part series by Martha Wagner and Mi Ae Lipe about how COVID-19 is transforming local food systems—farmers markets, local farms, and community and backyard gardens. ____________________ As we all know, no part of our lives has been left untouched by the coronavirus pandemic, and the same goes for […]

Part 1: Climate Change and Farming…A Conversation with Rebecca Thistlethwaite

Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook encourages people to broaden their culinary repertoire with information on more than 90 fruits, vegetables, and herbs grown by community-supported agriculture (CSA) farms. In addition to its 360 recipes, it also highlights the challenges that small-scale organic farmers often experience in producing and selling their food. Climate […]

What Does It Mean To Take Ownership of Our Food?

We like this blog post from the website of Our Table Cooperative, a 58-acre, certified organic CSA farm in Sherwood, Oregon, south of Portland. The co-op’s farm operates as a not-for-profit land trust with the goal of keeping the land in sustainable agriculture in perpetuity while supporting a resilient and interdependent local food culture. The post was written […]

Retirement of a Generation: A Farmer’s Guest Blog

In case you haven’t paid close attention to the farmers selling to you at your local farmer’s market or your CSA pickup, read about it in The New York Times, or seen the video on the Modern Farmer website, there’s a troublesome generation gap specific to farming—the average age of American farmers has been steadily rising […]

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