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Summer Salad Tiny-Home Walkabouts

We first built these as a salad course for a terrace grill. We served them on a large ceramic platter and noticed that folks were dipping into the ingredients to build seconds. The amblers were artful at handling a drink and a toasty handful while chatting. Upon leaving, several friends wanted to know what all […]

Dreaming of Pesto—from Cilantro!

When we mentioned cilantro pesto on one of those occasions of abundant herbs, someone asked, “What the heck do you do with it?” Dot it on a cornmeal crust as the base for a Mexican-style pizza. Use it as the binding sauce with basil pad thai noodles and shrimp. Make it an intriguing twist in […]

Two Recipes—Grilled Eggplant and High Season-Roasted-Veg Sauce

With the nightshades (eggplants, peppers, tomatoes) going crazy at this abundant time of year, here are two recipes from Deborah DeBord to use them as fast as they come tumbling in.  —Mi Ae _______________________________________ Grilled Eggplant These delectable slices are equally good hot off the grill or at room temperature, either naked on their own […]

Cutting Corn Off the Cob

Now is the moment when fresh sweet corn is piling in almost faster than you can eat it. You’ve been waiting for it all year and you’re gorging yourself silly on it, but are you starting to wonder how you can keep up? Deborah DeBord has a few tips for getting corn off the cob […]

Late-Summer Reflections from Helsing Junction Farm

This week’s blog post comes from Helsing Junction Farm in Rochester, Washington, south of Seattle, which is mentioned in my book, Bounty from the Box: The CSA Farm Cookbook. We’re big fans of this farm that was founded in1992 by Annie Salafsky and Susan Ujcic as one of the country’s first CSA operations. HJF began as a 75-member CSA and over […]

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